Balancing the Body Budget:

An introduction to metabolic health

Been on a health journey and tried everything? Worked with everyone? Chased symptoms and taken tons of supplements? Tried every diet? Confused and overwhelmed but still see little results? 

Chances are you are writing more checks than your body can cash!

Over 30 pages long, this guide is packed with all the knowledge and tools you need to begin building a metabolic foundation that sets you up for life long sustainable health and healing!

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The Results you can Expect:


✔ Significantly reduce stress and inflammation in the body

✔ Increase energy to live the life you love

✔ Improve mood and significantly reduce anxiety

✔ Learn how to move your body to heal

✔ Develop a sustainable and long-term nutrition foundation

✔  Strengthen your resilience to stress

✔ Balance the nervous system

✔ Greater hormone balance

✔ Trimming the fat off and getting on the healing path once and for all

This is the Perfect Guide for a BEGINNER

This is for someone new to the metabolic world and our RTN Method.

OR for someone that has been eating pro-metabolic for a while and not seeing results, getting worse, gaining weight, more confused than ever. 

We'll teach you how to shift attention back to self to begin feeling how your life, food, thoughts, relationships, exercise, etc all play a role in how you feel every day and the state of your health. 

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Find Food Freedom by Building your Body Budget

Have you been told eat this food or that food to alleviate this symptom or that symptom but never in a way that teaches you how to use food to reduce stress and actually change the state of your physiology?


The body cannot heal when it is depleted of the very biochemicals it needs to function.  Nor can the body  replenish when it perceives a primal need to survive. Metabolic imbalance reap chaos on the biology and physiology of an organism. If we do not build a foundation that helps the body regulate, no supplement, lab, food, or device is going to matter.


We believe this is the most powerful piece of our work- shifting attention back to self to begin feeling how your life, food, thoughts, relationships, exercise, etc all play a role in how you feel every day and the state of your health. 


This guide will teach you how to build awareness so you can begin to respond to your body vs. chase and fear the symptoms reducing your quality of life. 


You’ll learn how to pay attention so you can develop the awareness needed to make small and significant changes in support of building the body budget. We’ll teach you how to find more balance between the withdrawals of life and the deposits we make when we rest, nourish, breathe and move in ways that no longer compromise. We are going to teach you how to apply these principles into your life to get started on the right path. 

What's Included?

The Entire Balancing the Body Budget System:

✔️ Over 30 Page Guide packed with all of the knowledge and tools you need to create a foundation for healing
($149 Value)

✔️ In Depth Education covering hormones, metabolism, stress, energy production, and more!

✔️ 6-Step Roadmap to Balancing your Body Budget
($49 Value)

✔️ The Food List Guide, that helps you easily identify metabolic carbohydrates, power proteins, healthy fats, and more!
($49 Value)

✔️ Interactive Food Logs for you to print out and hold yourself accountable
($29 Value)

✔️ Food Log Examples for you to follow, for the most common patterns of food frequency
($29 Value)

+ Our Most Popular eBook Bonuses:

✔️  BONUS: The Adrenal Cocktail Guide
($29.99 Value)

✔️ BONUS: The Carrot Salad Guide
($9.99 Value)

✔️ BONUS: Using Food as Supplementation Guide
($19.99 Value)

✔️ BONUS: Our most popular eBook Bundle: The Restoration Thyroid Nutrition Cookbook, & The Saturated Fact eBook
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What you'll learn:

  • What does metabolism really mean
  • What is your body budget: blood sugar and energy production
  • How to asses your metabolism and what it means
  • Metabolic macro and micronutrients
  • Redefining carbs, proteins and fats
  • How to build awareness of what works
  • How to establish basic food frequency
  • The application of the work
  • Intro to breath work
  • Metabolic food list

Who We Are

As pioneers in restoring thyroid and metabolic health, we have taken “food as medicine” to the next level. With over 20 years of research and experience we have unlocked the secret to what defines a healthy, healing and sustainable diet. You. More specifically your ability to metabolize and process not only the food you eat but the environment you live, into energy – your body’s most basic and fundamental need.


"I just purchased the BTBB guide and I have to say I was worried I spend all that money for just some fluff or overly medical information.

But you guys really hit it out of the park with this guide!!!! I am beyond pleased with the purchase and grateful that you guys really offered true value for it.” Olivia

“I wanted to mention to you that I have started implementing your Balancing the Body Budget guide and I got the BEST thyroid labs I have ever gotten!“  - Ana T.

"I'm feeling great and improving day after day. On Saturday I slept through the entire night without getting up to use the bathroom, I can't remember the last time I was able to do that." - D.O.

"My stomach has been feeling really good, almost no bloat recently, great energy, and sex drive still doing great. Less pain during intercourse." - D.C.

"I am definitely on the right path for the first time in a LONG time. Sleep is better, mood is better, energy is better, and my libido is alive. I am off most of my supplements and feel so free!" - J.A.

"I am really enjoying this guide. It has a LOT of information without being too much. That’s good for me because I tend to keep researching more and more and not actually do anything. So this guide gives me great habits and goals to work towards for the foundations of health without being overwhelming." - Olivia