Let Us Help You Restore Your Thyroid

Unlock our top 10 Tips for Thyroid Health

Stop the confusion and get back on the path to building a strong foundation for deep, long-lasting and sustainable health!

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Let Us Help You Reset Your Thyroid

Unlock our top 10 Tips Thyroid Health

Stop the confusion and get back on the path to building a strong foundation for deep, long-lasting and sustainable health!

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We're Dedicated To Restoring Your Thyroid and Metabolic Health. Let's Start The Journey Together:

Balancing the Body Budget Guide

Been on a health journey and tried everything? Confused and overwhelmed but still see little results? This guide is for youOver 30 pages long & packed with all the knowledge and tools you need to begin building a metabolic foundation that sets you up for lifelong sustainable health and healing!


The Mineral Method Guide

A comprehensive guide on how to conquer anemia and unlock your energy potential. After going through this guide, you will have a deep understanding of how mineral balance affects your health and you’ll have a new toolbox of nutritional, lifestyle, and supplemental suggestions on how to support your body’s mineral balance on your own.


RTN Group Coaching

A revolutionary “food strategy” proven to heal your adrenals, restore thyroid health, balance the nervous system and provide the foundation for real, long-lasting and sustainable health. An 8 week group coaching course to restoring your adrenal-thyroid-nervous system with food.


RTN Individual Coaching

It uses simple, inexpensive cutting-edge assessment tools to help you develop a level of awareness that helps you begin to identify the things in your life that create stress in your body/life and the things that support and heal you. The RTN Method is so much bigger than nutrition alone.


As pioneers in restoring thyroid and metabolic health, we have taken “food as medicine” to the next level. With over 20 years of research and experience we have unlocked the secret to what defines a healthy, healing and sustainable diet.

Meet Josh and Jeanne

Josh has a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, studied TCM for 3 years and is almost done with his 5th year at Canadien College of Osteopathy. He is a CHEK Level 4, HCL 3, CNMT, RCP and CN.

Jeanne is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CHEK 2, HLC 3, RCP and skilled Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

Interestingly enough, our first date was at the Body’s Exhibit! We have always shared a passion and deep respect for the wholeness of the human body. This passion has propelled our journey into metabolic health and cellular energy production, with an emphasis on thyroid health. Thyroid hormone is a powerhouse hormone required by every single one of the body’s trillion cells, and plays a fundamental role in energy production.

Following many years of working closely with clients, we began to recognize a common trend – people were coming to us with binders full of lab work while on 20+ supplements and thousands of dollars in debt. They were confused, exhausted, frustrated, scared and skeptical (and rightfully so!). Here we had all this information, yet we had none because nothing was telling us why.

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"For the first time since 2018 I truly believe my body is slowly healing."


"I'm able to do more at the age of 47 than I could at 30."


“I have reversed my Hashimotos diagnosis, I have energy all day, I feel calm.” 

Lisa V.

“I barely ever have histamine issues anymore. I feel so much more energy in my veins.” 


“I have seen more improvement in the last six weeks than in the last six months."


“My cycle has been so predictable, pretty much no PMS / cramps etc for at least 3 months."


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