Powerful stories about the RTN Nutrition Method shared by our Community

“Through the RTN Online Program I learned how to pay attention to how food made me feel, how effectively I was fueling myself, and how to listen to my body to know what I needed to nourish my mind, body and spirit. I’m now slowly working on titrating my thyroid medication down and feeling better.
I did get my a latest thyroid labs back and my Free T4 levels went up and Free T3 levels were barely over range, which is amazing considering my T3 dosage is way down. Essentially my thyroid levels are going up despite the decrease in meds so this is awesome….and I got my cycle back!” - Anne A.
"I just wanted to let you guys know that I had a baby! Naturally!!! It’s been 5 years roughly since I started working with you guys. Remember, I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed for 9 months, then we did a round of IVF and it failed and I was told I’d probably never get pregnant. 

BUT following your tips/protocols was a HUGE step in the right direction of learning to eat real foods and I still follow the foundations of what you taught me. So Thankyou! 

My baby boy is here today because of the foundation you taught me! ….And I’m super healthy and am not crashing during postpartum. My mental health has been fantastic, my emotions and my physical body has been great. The Rheumatoid arthritis hasn’t flared which everyone told me it would. I’m just so grateful! Thank you both for the work you do!" - Ruth P.

"I just wanted to share that my hot flushes are completely gone, sleep is improving, energy is slowly becoming more robust and steady. The biggest win yet is the mindset shift from being anxious about my health and how to "fix" it. I love the simplicity of focussing on nourishment, awareness and allowing my body to recover of its own accord. It is so good trust that my body knows how to heal if I give it what it needs and focus on living a life that works with where I am at rather than against it. Thanks Joshua and Jeanne Rubin for presenting this new way of relating to my body and my health. I feel like I can relax and trust the process and give myself some Grace!" - Nina H.

For the first time in what feels like forever I actually believe my body is healing. In 2018 after my second baby I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and started heavily researching this and how I could help myself. I found a chiro I started working with and of course ended up spending hundreds and thousands on testing and supplements. With the RTN, my body has a great foundation now. For the first time since 2018 I truly believe my body is slowly healing. I feel this huge mind shift. My body is capable of healing and it is. It may not happen overnight, and sometimes it’s a long process but I truly believe I’m headed in the right direction. I truly feel supported."
-Chelsea H

"Over the years my skin is looking younger, my hair is healthier, I'm sleeping so much better, my energy has skyrocketed and I'm able to do more at the age of 47 than I could at 30.  I was able to lose 15 lbs without all the shame and blame and in a way that is truly sustainable."

“When I first started, I was eating mostly carnivore and had no appetite – while breast feeding. But I started to have emotional issues, mood instability, and I felt like I was in a deep dark hole of depression and anger. I started the RTN Method in March and I was only eating 2x per day. I was nervous but I gave myself permission to eat, listened to my body and I started to feel better. I am able to better regulate my emotional and mood and help my children. This program is tailored by you and through that, I have been able to find a happy medium and not being so restrictive.” - S

“I had painful SIBO and did not know it. My stomach would bloat like I was pregnant. I was constantly constipated and all that was recommend was a specific diet and medicine to heal. Through using the RTN Method, I can say that I am healed, I am not longer bloated, didn’t need a specific restrictive diet or medicine. Thank you.” -Annie

"I want to thank EastWest Healing for finally moving me in the right direction. I’m a Physician Assistant and for years I struggled with fatigued, sleep apnea, and chronic fatigue syndrome. I am on a journey of health and forever grateful to them. After having so many failures with other practitioners, I finally feel I am on the right journey. Being in medicine, I almost gave up and never trusted anyone again. I’m starting hobbies again and reading more for guidance on how to deal with emotional stressors. I recommend EastWest Healing to anyone anyone dealing with thyroid, adrenal and gut related problems."

"The biggest thing I’ve noticed so far is a drastic decrease in my anxiety and restlessness. I have it occasionally following meals that are heavier on carbs so I have made some adjustments there. But being aware of this has been amazing. The heart palpitations have also drastically decreased. I can’t remember the last time I had those. I’ve also noticed big improvements in my sleep! Thank you!" - Meaghan S

"I had been struggling with weight loss resistance, low b12, low iron, low thyroid, low vitamin d, low sex drive and complete and utter exhaustion. After we spoke, I have made some major adjustments over the past few months cutting out supps to creating more balance with what and when I eat. All I can say is, WOW.  I have so much energy! My brain fog is gone. I can focus and most importantly, IM HAPPY. My anxiety has greatly decreased and I’m feeling reconnected with my family! I am so thankful for you! Thank you, thank you, 1000 times over." -Danielle

"I wanted to first let you know that when I started the group program back I was a mess. I was severely depressed, never left my house or saw friends/family, I had such intense anxiety I couldn’t even go to the store to get my own groceries, I had bad histamine issues/estrogen, and had gained about 60 pounds that I thought was “ normal” when going prometabolic. After learning from you guys and figuring out things better I slowly lost the weight and am back at a healthy weight. My anxiety is so much better and no more depression. I am able to go places and have fun with friends and family. I barely ever have histamine issues anymore. I feel so much more energy in my veins." - Shannon

“My stomach has been feeling really good, almost no bloat recently, great energy, and sex drive still doing great. Less pain during intercourse.” - D

"In other news, I can't believe I hadn't noticed this happening but my psoriasis has cleared up 90 to 95%! I have had it for so many painful years! I quit meds for it years ago so it has to be due to the RTN method! It's shocking to me! On my right arm there isn't even those faint pink patches anymore that happens when it is clearing. The left arm has one little patch of faint pink and a bit bigger dry patch but it's 100% better than it has been for YEARS!” -Darlene

"Besides my sleep improving so much, I just feel healthier overall - my energy is so much more stable, I'm feeling a lot stronger with my training, and my cycle has been so predictable, pretty much no PMS / cramps etc for at least 3 months. It was so worth the time & money 🙂 "

“I just wanted to let you guys know much you have helped me. I have been on hormones for 15yrs due to ovarian cancer at 19. Now that I have been doing the RNT Method and following your advice, I am finally getting my energy back. Thank you, you truly changed my life.” -J.S.

"A little over a year ago, a lot of stress and the ketogenic diet completely destroyed my gut health. Not long after that, my body started producing thyroid antibodies, and I started to experience symptoms of a thyroid that was in serious distress. The only solution that my functional medicine doctor had was to put me on a thyroid medication. I knew that there had to be a more conservative method of treatment for thyroid antibodies. So, when I heard about Josh and Jeanne’s practice on the Abiding Together podcast, I decided to give it a try. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

When I finally started applying the RTN Method to my health regimen, I saw positive changes in my health right away. I stopped feeling shaky in between meals, I stopped feeling periodic soreness and inflammation my thyroid, I finally started feeling calm and relaxed for the first time in years and my hair stopped falling out. But best of all—a few months after I started consistently implementing very simple principles of the RTN Method, I retested my thyroid antibodies and saw that they had dropped by 13 points!

I know that “13” isn’t an insanely high number, but, to me, seeing that reduction in thyroid antibodies felt like a huge success because it was a sign that I was finally on the right path to healing. It was also a sign that my gut instinct had been correct—it IS possible to heal your thyroid in a safe, conservative, and sustainable way without drugs. Thank you, Josh and Jeanne, for the incredible work that you do!" - Elizabeth R.

"I learned how to listen to my body and give myself permission to rest and restore.  I now have the energy to slowly start exercising again.  I have plenty of energy to chase my two kids again.  My sleep is greatly improved; I wake more well-rested and no longer need coffee to feel like a normal person."

I canceled my upcoming appointment with a GI doctor. I have been down many misdirected paths of elimination diets/restricted eating and over-supplementation for almost 4 years. I quit ascorbic acid cold turkey and am now weaning off mag citrate. I'm not taking digestive enzymes, bitters, betaine HCl, prebiotics or probiotics or any other crazy herbs, supplements or meds doctors urged me to take. And I'm eating carbs, fodmaps and dairy. I am very happy with the RTN Program. Trust your intuition and trust this process." - Krista R

The RTN method completely changed my mindset on health and food and finally put me on the right path to healing. I truly believed everything I was previously doing was healthy all these years, and I could not understand why I was inflamed and did not feel good. I'm so incredibly thankful to have found Josh and Jeanne to help guide me on an individualized approach that works for my mind, body and spirit. All my blemishes cleared in 5 weeks, my eyes are brighter, inflammation is down, my moods are stable, and the list goes on. I am starting to feel and look alive again! I'm so excited to continue on this journey and never look back. - Allison K.

I can’t say enough about Josh & Jeanne’s teaching and knowledge on how to reclaim your health. I was told for the past several years after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and infertility, that I couldn’t control my metabolism or BBT. Just take this thyroid med and try all these supplements; oh and try this cleanse or eliminate all these foods. After so many ND’s, fertility specialists, and more doctors, I have come to learn that there is so much more to our health than a supplement, pill or quick and easy DIY.

Their methods in teaching food foundations and how to slowly implement what your body needs has forever changed my view on my health. I saw changes in my energy, BBT temp shifts, and overall passion to keep going with these learnings. This has been so beneficial for my whole family. My husband asked me to take his HTMA and see what he was in need of also… it was a sweet moment to watch how it can inspire others to learn also. If you are looking for a new way to approach your health and struggling with your thyroid, energy and want to learn a pro-metabolic lifestyle, I would encourage you to start with Josh and Jeanne at East West Healing… they really are real food gangsters. :) - Ana Traska David 

I started following the basic pillars after two years of struggling to normalize my thyroid. I have Hashimotos and hypothyroidism. I have gained 20 lbs., my body is super inflamed, I have no iron, my sex drive was at an all time low. My periods were super heavy and my anxiety was sky high. Currently, my TSH was a 5.4 and is now normal!!!

My T4 and T3 free are slowly normalizing, my antibodies dipped 58!!!!! I have lost 7 lbs and my knees are no longer swollen and sore. THIS IS HUGE. I have not seen the scale move, or gone a day pain free in two years. THANK YOU! I feel at almost 35, that I have my life back. Danielle M.

Another one…

My healing is starting to trend in the right direction. My TSH is down from 5.7 and now is at 1.8. My antibodies have been >2000 for years! Which means they could have been 2500 or even 8000 as the last won’t register anything over 2000, so it will just say >2000. Now, they are done to 1300! - Kelsey K.

"My cycle is MUCH more regulated which is fabulous after a lifetime of hormonal dysfunction!!!! I really cannot believe it - you are miracle workers!" - Katherine M

"I have been practicing the act of letting go and trusting the process. I think it is already making a difference, but the key in all of it has been that I was ready for it, and probably not a moment sooner. The last 5 months have prepared me to feel safe enough to try to trust my body and not sweat the small stuff. I still hit rough patches but my adaptability is getting better each week.

One of the biggest epiphanies I've had recently has been around who I thought I'd be as my RTN process progressed. I originally set out to be more regulated so I could be the mom who went on miles long hikes after years away from it, big adventures, and being able to do "more" in general.  But what I'm finding is that I enjoy having a regulated nervous system and more energy so that I can relish in what I already have. I am grateful for the energy to nurture my home, my son, and my marriage, and be nourished. Instead of doing a lot of things with very little to give to each one, I am doing a few things REALLY WELL!” -Shannon

"I just wanted to share that 3 weeks in and this course has been quite the education. Along with the knowledge you share on your Instagram, I feel far more equipped. I used to get desperately sad looking back at older photos just 2 years ago at how well I was doing but the truth is, that we were mis-taught so much, we were just borrowing from peter to pay paul instead of properly feeding ourselves. What I love most is that nothing is off limits really, but understanding how to eat and listening to our body is the main focus.” - Nida K.

"I just want to thank you two for all the work you’ve put into this program. It’s an AMAZING program that really educates the students to learn what our own body needs. This is so important because all of our health issues are so individual and unique. One solution won’t heal everyone. By teaching me you have helped me really understand what is going on in my body and what my individual needs are. I honestly had no clue what my body needed before because I had no idea what was going on…I just knew I felt awful! I have had so many “AHA” moments lately that are really helping me heal! I’ve tried so many Dr.’s and lifestyles that haven’t worked. So thank you SO much for caring and passing on all you have learned in a very understandable and well-developed program!" - M.W.