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Meet Josh and Jeanne:

Josh has a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, studied TCM for 3 years and is almost done with his 5th year at Canadien College of Osteopathy. He is a CHEK Level 4, HCL 3, CNMT, RCP and CN.

Jeanne is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CHEK 2, HLC 3, RCP and skilled Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

Interestingly enough, our first date was at the Body’s Exhibit! We have always shared a passion and deep respect for the wholeness of the human body. This passion has propelled our journey into metabolic health and cellular energy production, with an emphasis on thyroid health. Thyroid hormone is a powerhouse hormone required by every single one of the body’s trillion cells, and plays a fundamental role in energy production.

Following many years of working closely with clients, we began to recognize a common trend – people were coming to us with binders full of lab work while on 20+ supplements and thousands of dollars in debt. They were confused, exhausted, frustrated, scared and skeptical (and rightfully so!). Here we had all this information, yet we had none because nothing was telling us why.