The Nourished Nervous System (TNNS)

TNNS is a method we designed to teach you how to use your food with strategy and intention to unravel the long-term effects chronic stress has had on the body while building a solid foundation for the body to heal and ultimately reach optimal thyroid health. The patterns of healing we have observed over the last 12 years of applying the principles of the TNNS Method have provided us with the greatest knowledge and experience—proving even more powerful than our combined years of research and study in nutrition. 

TNNS Group Coaching

A revolutionary “food strategy” proven to heal your adrenals, restore thyroid health, balance the nervous system and provide the foundation for long-lasting and sustainable health. An 8 week group coaching course to
restoring your adrenal-thyroid-nervous system with food.


TNNS Individual Coaching

It uses simple, inexpensive cutting-edge assessment tools to help you develop a level of awareness to help you begin to identify the things in your life that create stress in your body/life and the things that support and heal you. The TNNS Method is so much bigger than nutrition alone.